Aggressive communication is a way of expressing yourself without considering the feelings of others. It can involve voicing your needs, desires, wants, and emotions in a way that disrespects or hurts others.  Aggressive communication is hostile, defensive, and demanding behavior fueled by emotions.

Is an Aggressive Communication Style Violent?

Aggressive communicators can use physical acts such as hitting, slapping, or punching as a way to get their point across. These behaviors often hinder communication instead of making it clearer. Aggressive communication can also include other harsh practices that are hurtful, like screaming or threatening. 

What Causes an Aggressive Communication Style?

Usually, your style of communication is what was most common in your family as you were growing up. So, this means that an aggressive communication style is a learned behavior, which is good news because you can change it.

Aggressive communication is also sometimes caused by social anxiety or feeling like you are bullied or victimized. In these cases, you eventually feel the need to stand up for yourself. 

It is never pleasant dealing with anyone who communicates aggressively, and it leaves people feeling disrespected and unhappy. Once you are aware of your aggressive manner, you can learn to communicate more effectively.