A secure relationship is one where two people trust one another and understand each other’s worth, strengths, and weaknesses. It is the healthiest relationship style because both partners work together to grow as people and strengthen their bonds.

What Does a Secure Relationship Look Like?

A secure relationship provides space and compassion. The partners actively work for one another’s happiness, and they help each other grow as individuals. The partners communicate openly and honestly.

They respect each other's privacy, limits, and boundaries. Each individual feels empowered to express themselves openly and work towards accomplishing his or her dreams.

Why Does a Secure Relationship Work?

This type of relationship is based on respect and honesty, and the partners are authentic with one another. They negotiate based on each one another wants and needs and then compromise for the mutual good. The partners are aware of their significant other's well-being and they strive to improve it as much as possible.

In a  secure relationship, each partner feels gratitude to be with someone who cares and respects them.