The prescription medication Suboxone can play an important role in opioid addiction treatment, as it can alleviate withdrawal symptoms and make drug cravings more manageable. Suboxone is beneficial, but since it is a controlled substance, it can be difficult to obtain an emergency Suboxone prescription.

If you find yourself in a situation in which you ran out of Suboxone early, you might not know what to do. Here, learn some strategies for how to get emergency Suboxone, so that you can stay on track with your recovery. 

Is It Possible To Get An Emergency Suboxone Prescription?

If you’re in need of an emergency Suboxone refill, you might assume that you can simply go to the emergency room for a refill. Unfortunately, the process might not be that simple.

Should you need emergency Suboxone, it might be possible to visit a hospital emergency department for medication, but it’s important to keep in mind that you might not be given a prescription for Suboxone.

According to Federal regulations, emergency department physicians can administer Suboxone for up to three days for patients who are in the emergency room. This is considered Suboxone without prescription, because administering the medication on a short-term basis does not mean that a physician is giving a long-term prescription. 

In order for an emergency room doctor to provide a Suboxone prescription to a patient upon discharge, they are required to complete training and obtain a waiver to prescribe Suboxone. So, going to emergency rooms for Suboxone may be an option, so long as the treating physician has the required waiver.

That being said, since Suboxone is a controlled substance, an emergency room doctor is unlikely to give you a second prescription if you are seeing another Suboxone doctor who is providing the medication. Receiving a prescription of Suboxone is always up to the discretion of the prescribing doctor, even in the case of an emergency script. 

Suboxone Prescription Regulations 

So, do you need a prescription to get  Suboxone? In all cases, the answer is yes. Suboxone over-the-counter is simply not an option, as buprenorphine, the active drug in Suboxone, is a Schedule III Controlled Substance. This means that the government imposes tight regulations on the use and prescribing of the drug. 

Doctors must follow regulations when prescribing Suboxone. This includes completing training and obtaining registration through the DEA prior to prescribing the medication. Some medical providers may be able to obtain an exemption so they do not have to undergo special training before prescribing Suboxone, but they will be limited to treating 30 patients at a time. 

One question that patients often have is, “How do you get a prescription for Suboxone?” To obtain a prescription, you must see a doctor who is authorized to treat opioid use disorder with this medication. It is strongly recommended that you also participate in counseling and other psychosocial services while taking the medication. Since Suboxone is a schedule III  substance, you will need to attend ongoing appointments with your doctor, as defined by your treatment plan , to continue to receive your prescription. 

One of the most important components of learning how to get a prescription for Suboxone is establishing a strong working partnership with a Suboxone doctor. Emergency Suboxone treatment isn’t the intended way to use this medication. Instead, you should take Suboxone to help you stay engaged in addiction treatment, while working alongside your doctor to maintain your prescription. 

What Can I Do If I Run Out Of Suboxone Early?

When a doctor writes a prescription for Suboxone, you will be given a supply that will last until it is time to pick up your next prescription. This means, in theory, that you should not run out of your prescription early, if you take the medication exactly as prescribed.

To avoid a situation in which you need to determine how to get emergency Suboxone, it’s important to take your medication following your doctor’s instructions, and never take more than prescribed. If you lose your medication or are a victim of theft, it is important to communicate this to your doctor as soon as possible. 

It is also important to establish a strong relationship with your prescribing doctor so that you can communicate with them about any issues that arise, and stay in touch regarding refilling your prescription.

If you still find yourself in a situation in which you have run out of your prescription early, you might consider the following three strategies for obtaining emergency Suboxone treatment:

1. Go To An Emergency Room 

If you run out of Suboxone and begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, an emergency department may be able to help. Even if physicians on staff do not have a DEA waiver to prescribe Suboxone, they may be able to administer it to treat withdrawal side effects. Once you begin to experience mild withdrawal, Suboxone will usually alleviate symptoms within 30-45 minutes of being administered. Emergency department staff can legally administer up to 3 days’ worth of Suboxone. 

2. Contact Your Doctor 

If you have run out of your prescription early because of some sort of emergency (such as having it stolen), your doctor may be willing to refill your prescription early, as long as there are not any legal restrictions that prevent them from doing so. It is best to contact your doctor as soon as you realize that you are going to run out of Suboxone early. 

3. Call Your Pharmacy 

If it’s only a day or two before your Suboxone prescription is due to be refilled, your pharmacy may allow you to pick up the prescription early. Most pharmacies will refill a prescription for a controlled substance like Suboxone up to two days early, so it may not be necessary to panic if you’re only a day or two ahead of your refill date. Remember, this is only a feasible option if your prescription has refills available.

Can Urgent Care Prescribe Suboxone?

People who are looking for advice on how to get a prescription for Suboxone, especially if they run out early, might turn to urgent care clinics for a solution. While some urgent care doctors may have the required DEA registration for prescribing Suboxone, the best practice is to see your regular doctor, with whom you have an ongoing relationship, to get Suboxone. 

Some urgent cares may provide a Suboxone prescription, but this is not always the case. Urgent care clinics generally will not provide a prescription refill, as they prefer that patients see their primary doctors in these situations. In addition, because of the risk of substance misuse, most urgent care clinics do not prescribe controlled substances like Suboxone. 

You should not rely upon an urgent care center for an emergency Suboxone refill. 

What Can You Substitute For Suboxone?

If you run out of Suboxone, you might be in search of a substitute so that you can avoid going through withdrawal. Unfortunately, there is no medication available over-the-counter that can take the place of Suboxone. To avoid withdrawal and the need for emergency Suboxone treatment, it is important to stay in contact with your doctor and keep your prescription current.  

Can I Order Suboxone Online?

Recent changes to the law in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic make it possible to get Suboxone online from a physician who is legally permitted to prescribe this drug. Using a virtual Suboxone doctor may be a solution for those in search of emergency Suboxone treatment. Simply complete an appointment via telephone or video conferencing, and your doctor will send your prescription to a pharmacy near you. 

Because of the convenience of an online Suboxone clinic, many patients are able to see a doctor more quickly online than they would be able to do so in person. This allows you to get started with Suboxone treatment sooner, and you won’t have to worry about missing an appointment with your doctor and running out of Suboxone early when you have the convenience of scheduling virtual appointments. 

Online Suboxone clinics are so convenient, in fact, that if you search for “Emergency Suboxone Near Me,” you’re likely to land on the website a virtual clinic, which can quickly link you with an online Suboxone doctor. 

Consult With An Online Suboxone Doctor Through Confidant Health 

Maintaining a Suboxone prescription requires you to stay in frequent contact with your doctor. You will need to attend regular follow-up appointments to ensure the medication is working for you, and if you take the medication on an ongoing basis, you will need to see your doctor for regular examinations to maintain your prescription. 

At Confidant Health, we understand that repeatedly traveling to a physical office location for a Suboxone prescription can be challenging. That’s why we offer an entirely online Suboxone clinic to make it easier to access Suboxone, so you never find yourself in a situation where you are trying to determine how to get Suboxone early. 

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