Suboxone is beneficial in the treatment of opioid addiction, but in order to receive the intended benefits of the medication, it is important to take it properly. The best way to take Suboxone is to follow the instructions on the medication label and to adhere to your doctor’s guidance. Below, learn how to maximize Suboxone absorption so that you receive the greatest possible benefit from the medication, but be sure to contact your physician if you have additional questions. 

How Can I Absorb Suboxone Better?

The medication label you receive from your pharmacy should tell you how to properly take Suboxone as directed by your prescribing provider. For the medication to work for reducing withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, you must take it sublingually. This means that you should place the Suboxone film under your tongue and allow it to remain there until it is completely dissolved. 

Suboxone absorption is highest when you place the film under your tongue. The medication should not be chewed, swallowed, or cut. When the medication is chewed or swallowed rather than dissolved, Suboxone absorption is reduced, and its effectiveness is lower. 

Ways To Take Suboxone

Suboxone is intended to be dissolved rather than swallowed or chewed, but there are two primary routes of administration for Suboxone films. 

Sublingual Administration

Sublingual administration, in which Suboxone is placed under the tongue and dissolved, is the most effective way to take Suboxone. This route of administration increases the speed of Suboxone absorption and is the preferred method of taking the medication, when compared to methods like chewing or swallowing.  

Buccal Film

Suboxone can also be taken as a buccal film. This means the medication is placed between the cheek and gums and dissolved. Like sublingual Suboxone films, buccal films should never be chewed or swallowed. 

What Is The Best Way To Take Suboxone?

The best way to take Suboxone is according to your doctor’s instructions and the guide on your medication label. You should never chew, cut, or swallow the medication, as it will not be fully absorbed and will not be as effective. If you have questions about how to take Suboxone strips, consult with your doctor. 

In terms of the difference between sublingual vs. buccal administration, taking the medication in the sublingual form does seem to be the best way to take Suboxone. For example, one study found that Suboxone absorption was significantly higher when taken in the sublingual vs. the buccal form, but there was variation in absorption levels from person-to-person.

What works best for you may not be the best option for someone else, but your Suboxone doctor can provide you with guidance regarding the best way to absorb your Suboxone film. 

The Importance Of Learning The Proper Way To Take Suboxone 

Suboxone is intended to be taken as a maintenance medication to reduce drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms so that people can remain abstinent from opioids. When taken daily, the medication is effective, because it contains the active ingredient, buprenorphine. 

Buprenorphine is effective for treating opioid addiction, because its effects are relatively long lasting. This means that when taken regularly as prescribed by a doctor, buprenorphine will always be active in the body. To achieve this desired effect, you must learn the most effective way to take Suboxone. When the drug is not taken properly, less of the drug is available to do the work of alleviating withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings.

For instance, Suboxone absorption is lower when the medication is swallowed, which means that less of the buprenorphine is available. Swallowing will therefore reduce the effectiveness of the drug, because it will wear off sooner, instead of having the long lasting effects that keep patients stabilized while receiving medication-assisted treatment. 

Other Common FAQs

If you’re looking for information about how to properly take Suboxone, the answers to the following frequently asked questions may be helpful. 

What Is The Suboxone Spit Trick?

The Suboxone spit trick is a way to ensure that you receive the maximum Suboxone absorption. With this method, you allow the Suboxone film to fully dissolve. Once it is dissolved, some residue will remain and mix with your saliva. While you may be tempted to swallow this remaining portion, the best method is to spit it out instead of swallowing.

When you swallow Suboxone, you increase your risk of side effects like migraines. Using the Subxone spit trick allows you to absorb the portion of the medication you need, while spitting out the remaining waste. In general, you should allow Suboxone to remain under the tongue or in your cheek for 5 to 10 minutes to allow it to completely dissolve. Afterward, spit out the residue that has mixed with your saliva.

Can You Eat After Taking Suboxone?

You should not consume any food until your Suboxone film is completely dissolved. If you chew and swallow food before Suboxone has dissolved, some of the medication will be swallowed along with it. Unfortunately, this decreases the effectiveness of Suboxone, because stomach acid prevents the medication from being absorbed.

To ensure that you are getting maximum Suboxone absorption, you should not eat for about 20 minutes after taking the medication. It is also important to avoid eating immediately before taking Suboxone, as you want to ensure that you will be able to fully absorb it under your tongue. 

Can You Drink Water After Taking Suboxone?

Just as you should not eat immediately after taking Suboxone, you should not drink anything, not even water, until after the medication has fully dissolved. Your doctor will likely provide you with instructions regarding how long to wait before having a drink after you take Suboxone. 

How Can I Absorb Suboxone Better?

The best way to take Suboxone for maximum absorption is to follow all instructions from your doctor and your medication label. Hold the medication under your tongue until it has completely dissolved, and avoid swallowing it.

Is It Better To Put Suboxone Under The Tongue Or In The Cheek? 

Some research has shown that Suboxone is absorbed better when placed under the tongue as opposed to in the cheek, but this can vary from person-to-person. Your physician will provide you with guidance regarding how to best take Suboxone.

How Long Does It Take Suboxone To Absorb?

On average, it takes about 4 to 8 minutes for Suboxone to dissolve under the tongue. Once absorbed, Suboxone begins to work within 30-60 minutes

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