Suboxone is a prescription drug commonly used in the treatment of opioid use disorder. While many insurance companies cover medication like Suboxone, for those without insurance, or those who have poor coverage of prescription medications, the cost of Suboxone can be prohibitive.

The good news is that Suboxone coupons can offset some of the cost of obtaining this medication. Below, learn various ways to get a Suboxone discount to make your prescription more affordable.

When To Take Suboxone

Before exploring ways to get Suboxone discounts, it is helpful to understand when to take this medication. First, it is important to keep in mind that this medication should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor.

Suboxone should be taken at the start of opioid addiction treatment, when a person begins to experience withdrawal symptoms. It can also be taken on an ongoing basis to manage drug cravings and keep a person engaged in addiction treatment.

While taking Suboxone, it is also important to participate in some sort of counseling, to address the underlying issues that contributed to addiction. 

Can I Get Suboxone Online?

If you’re in search of Suboxone, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get Suboxone online. Not only is an online Suboxone clinic convenient; it also saves you money, because you won’t need to pay for the cost of gas to travel to a physical office. Fees from online providers also tend to be lower than those at in-person medical practices. 

During the pandemic, changes to prescribing laws made it easier to get Suboxone online. Prior to the pandemic, patients needed to see a provider in-person for an initial visit before getting Suboxone from a virtual telehealth practitioner. 

Fast forward to the pandemic, and Federal lawmakers determined that the public health emergency warranted a change to laws that required an initial in-person visit for Suboxone. Now, patients can get the medication online, after completing an initial appointment via audio-visual or telephonic technology. 

How Much Does Suboxone Cost?

People often have questions about the price of Suboxone. So, how much does a week of Suboxone cost? It depends upon the level of prescription coverage your insurance company provides, as well as what type of Suboxone discount card you use. 

Some other questions people have regarding the cost of Suboxone are below:

How much does Suboxone cost out-of-pocket? 

The average retail cost for Suboxone is $95.92 for 14 films, but a generic Suboxone coupon can lower these costs. Keep in mind that the amount you pay can vary based upon the pharmacy you choose and your prescribed dosage. 

How much does one film of Suboxone cost?

Based upon the figure quoted above for 14 films, the out-of-pocket cost for one Suboxone film averages $6.85, but individual costs will vary. 

How To Get Cheaper Suboxone

Cost should never prevent you from getting needed treatment for opioid addiction. If the retail cost of Suboxone is unaffordable for you, there are numerous ways to save money.

If you’re wondering, “How can I get suboxone cheaper?” the first consideration is insurance. If you do not have private or employer-provided insurance, it might be beneficial to see if you qualify for Medicaid coverage through your state program. 

You can also find Suboxone cost assistance online, to reduce the out-of-pocket cost of the medication. 

Are There Discount Coupons For Suboxone?

Suboxone discount coupons are available online to lower the cost of your medication. For example, GoodRX  provides a free Suboxone coupon on its website, offering savings of up to 63%. The lowest current price is available through RiteAid, where a GoodRX Suboxone film coupon will get you a 14-day supply for $35.30. 

For those searching for the best Suboxone discount card 2022 offers, WellRX provides a free Suboxone coupon search tool. HelpRX offers similar Suboxone coupons online; simply enter your phone number on their website to receive a free coupon via text message. 

RX Pharmacy Coupons advertises a Suboxone manufacturer coupon that reduces the cost to just $5 per month, for eligible patients who have insurance. Eligibility details are available by clicking a link on the website.

Finally, SingleCare offers Suboxone coupons starting at $23.86 for a generic supply of the medication. It is helpful to explore multiple Suboxone coupon options to determine which is the best fit for you. 

Keep in mind that because Suboxone is a controlled substance, some pharmacies may not accept Suboxone coupons. It is important to check with your preferred pharmacy before using discount coupons for Suboxone. 

Regulations When Getting Suboxone

When searching for Suboxone cost assistance, it’s also beneficial to be aware of Suboxone regulations. According to Federal law, Suboxone is a controlled substance, meaning that its use is tightly regulated. 

Per Federal law, qualified physicians who obtain a waiver can prescribe Suboxone. Given the nature of the opioid epidemic, Federal laws were recently loosened to allow physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists and certified nurse midwives to treat up to 30 patients at a time without obtaining a waiver.

A waiver requires medical providers to complete extensive training prior to being permitted to prescribe Suboxone, which is a barrier for some providers. Those who choose to be exempt from the waiver must be supervised by or work alongside a DEA-registered physician, in addition to limiting themselves to the treatment of 30 patients. 

Federal guidelines also strongly encourage physicians to refer patients to psychosocial services, such as counseling, as Suboxone alone is unlikely to effectively treat opioid addiction. In fact, only physicians who have certification in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry can obtain a waiver to prescribe Suboxone without having to meet other requirements. All other providers (ie: nurse practitioners) must work in a facility that also provides case management services, which can include referral to counseling, education, and job-training programs. 

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